Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm still here... honest...

Hello to all my lovely followers!!

I see I've got quite a few new additions in the last few weeks and I've not even been doing anything new here. I see also that some of you are not travellers from my other blog, Ripples in a Small Pond (which is listed in my bloglist below).

My reason for having two blogs was that I wanted to house all my stories and bits of stories in one place, as they are fairly long and it's neater. This leaves me free to write my thoughts and poems on my other blog (Ripples).

"Chasing my tales" is so named because I feel like I'm always chasing the stories which flit around just in front of me but are jumbled up and difficult to articulate into words. I hoped to be able to unjumble them by writing them down in as imperfect a form as they choose to come out and refining them online, which would also give me the benefit of the experience of my followers, so please please leave me comments if you wish and they can be lovely and critical ... or just lovely...

"Ripples in a small pond" was so named because when I first started out here I didn't really know anyone blogging online and I felt like I was only ever going to be making a small contribution at the very edges of the online world. I'm so fortunate to have been accepted into several communities and groups of blogging friends and my first tentative endeavours were welcomed and encouraged by such nurturing people that I feel quite at home around here now.

Anyway, explanations over, I'll toddle off and try to finish another story. I have a beginning which I'm quite pleased with, an end which needs some work and no middle!!!

So watch this space....